for resellers

If you want to register as a reseller in our online shop, fill in the registration form (mark: ''store / warehouse / workshop'') and input basic data of your company. Then please email us. We'll check it and enable prices for resellers on your profile. 

Our unique products we sell all over the world and we invite shops and companies from around the world to cooperate. All the details and wholesale price list we send in the email.

We guarantee:

- the full availability of designs all year long
- new designs every month
- best retail and wholesale prices

Try us!

e-mail: info@itdcollection.com

very important information:

1. If you want to order wholesale, write to us and we will grant you wholesale prices on our website.
Wholesale prices start from 100 pieces of all articles together.

2. Very important! Online payment methods in our shop are ONLY for retail customers - not for shops.

3. Remember - the shop mechanism will show you the wholesale prices but will not give you an additional discount for the quantity.
Discounts are from 300 pieces (but not for all articles), so wait for the invoice, there will be a possible discount for you.

4. Please note! At the end of the order choose the option "normal transfer / traditional bank transfer", select the correct currency and wait for an invoice from us. There will be data for bank transfer.

5. If you still make an online payment, you will receive an invoice without discounts - according to the amount paid.





We are GDPR compliant



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